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Oxygeneo Overview

OxyGeneo™ is the world’s leading facial technology, and the most popular facial treatment in Canada.
Inspired by the long-known therapeutic effect of hot springs, OxyGeneo™ was designed to enrich the skin with oxygen from within the body, while gently exfoliating the skin and nourishing it with the best active ingredients to maximize treatment efficacy.

OxyGeneo™ harnesses biological processes of the body to deliver oxygen to the area of treatment in a natural manner, as opposed to other technologies which mostly blow oxygen on the skin with very little efficacy.
OxyGeneo™ technology is backed by real science to allow practitioners get the most outstanding results with a comfortable, refreshing and highly effective 3-in-1 super facial treatment.

How It Works

Add Ons

  • + TriPollar Skin Tightening
  • + Ultrasound Enhanced Infusion

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